Everyday Collection and Spring/Summer 2018

Dear customer,
Here, together again, approaching to the new year … what’s going on in 2017?
All the news, all the ideas and arguments will be discovered browsing our catalog of the new collection, soon available on-line:
We are finally pleased to present the first new catalog “Everyday” with the complete offer Piennepi and all new proposals for the Spring-Summer 2018 campaign.
Again with a more ‘compact’ form, more practical and with a new look .. We deliberately focused on simplifying the presentation of products and more clarity in the information, hoping to give a pleasant sense of novelty.
Here you will find all products Piennepi:
Everyday items (transparent, solid colors, patterns and accessories for the whole year) and the new patterns that we have designed specifically for SPRING – SUMMER 2018.
A recommendation: keep it for all the year; in January we will meet only for the novelty of Autumn – Winter 2018/19.
Discover now our proposals: browse our ‘physical collection’, touch our products, check our quality. Ask for samples if you haven’t had yet.
Thanks to your suggestion and to the preference that you have given to our products (on which we hope to count), that we were able to achieve all this.
From our side, we have put in all our efforts, energy and care in trying to create original, adequate … and possibly winning proposals!
That is our style: working in a good way.

Thank you and good sales with Piennepi.